Welcome to the Family. We want to hear your thoughts.

StrategyMob.com at its heart is a conversation. A dialogue between dealers and vendors. We want you to be active on the website and feel free to submit your own articles for your peers to read, share and comment on.

Here are some basic tips on what we see as added value when submitting articles. A few simple dos and don’ts:


  • Pick a topic the community will see value in: strategies, case-studies, data and industry analysis, tips on working with vendors or with customers.
  • Submit original content that is not copied form another blog or publication – we can’t post redundant articles. It’s bad for SEO, it’s bad for providing unique value to the community.
  • Feel free to include your own imagery. We do hold the right to help your article along by altering, editing or selecting a different image for your final post.
  • Expect to hear from us. We give feedback on articles to help better form them before they go live. Sometimes we may even hold back an article and expand it to an upcoming issue.
  • Write with your personality. Readers want to hear YOUR thoughts.


  • Submit self-promotional content. If you want to advertise your product or yourself with us we have an affiliate program that may be perfect for you. Learn more about it here.
  • Submit anything you don’t have ownership over or permission to submit. This includes text and imagery.
  • Submit poorly composed articles. Take the time to self-edit and ensure your article has key points, conclusions, examples, etc. The more time you spend crafting the more likely we will have less commentary back and the quicker it will be posted live.
  • Be disrespectful of the industry and community. We love opinions, but ensure those don’t turn into name calling, disrespecting others on the community or making unfounded claims without support.


How does it work?

Once you are signed in you can click on MY ACCOUNT (in the top navigation of the site) and select SUBMIT AN ARTICLE from the dashboard.

In a few simple steps you can create an article, add your images and your quote you want featured and submit it. Once you have submitted your article our editors will review it. If we have any suggestions to enhance your article we will comment on it so you can edit. If we love it we may just tweak it a bit and publish it live for the community to read.

We also solicit articles for magazine contribution. If that happens we’ll be in direct contact with you and will hold your article back until it is printed. We want this to be a community of great ideas and original content.

Thank you for being a part of it.


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