Workshop 001 / Toronto

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On February 4th, forty dealers came together to collaborate in Toronto. Read on to learn more about the day. Dealer Transformation, Helping Manage the Cultural and Digital Shifts in 2016 This Strategy Mob Workshop was co-sponsored by the Trillium Automotive Dealers Association and was developed to assist Ontario Dealer Principals and their management teams to better manage the cultural and digital transformation that is facing the automotive industry in 2016. This wasn't a conference with passive learning and presentations Interactive, engaging and thought provoking—our workshop focused on four rotating sessions throughout the day that approached key subject matter such as hiring, training and managing your culture and staff within the dealership in order to adapt new cultural expectations and digital norms and best practices.

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What you slowly come to realize is that you’re among friends. This is a safe space and we're talking about common concerns and challenges.

-P.J. Caletti

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