Greg Carrasco

AM640 Radio Personality / General Manager at Thornhill Hyundai

Host of the Greg Carrasco Show on AM 640, the most influential automotive radio show in Canada, General Manager Of Thornhill Hyundai, President and CEO of Full Metal Crossfit and President of Wild Wolf Enterprises. Greg is an accomplished sales and marketing executive, public speaker and radio host. With his innovative and dynamic personality, he speaks to audiences across the country about the power of branding, social media and best industry practices. Over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, and a desire to educate audiences on purchasing awareness, has made him one of the most well known car personalities in the country. His podcast and social media accounts are followed by tens of thousands of people across North America and the world. Greg teaches his clients how to increase sales through brand recognition, integrated marketing methodologies and advanced knowledge of social and digital media.

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