James De Luca

VP at Digital Road to a Sale Inc. Connect, Engage, Convert

After 15 years as a successful Sales, Service and F&I trainer, I decided to dive into the world of Digital Marketing. I made this decision after attending numerous Digital Marketing Conferences and webinars where information was delivered in a language that was difficult for Car People understand. I soon realized it would easier to teach a Car Guy Digital Marketing, then it would be to teach the car biz to a Digital Marketing specialist. After years of studying, researching, attending seminars, webinars and experimenting in dealerships, the Digital Road to a Sale (DRS) was born! DRS delivers simple, cost effective digital marketing solutions to dealerships in a language that car people can relate to. We put boots on the ground in dealerships everyday to help them increase their online visibility and dominate organic search results. We help them build excellent online reputations by soliciting positive peer review on Google and social media. We help salespeople and service writers become Brand Advocates by simple marketing strategies to reach 1000's of buyers that their dealerships can't. We developed Omni-channel F&l to increase profitability and improve the customer experience by providing equally effective presentations actions all channels of communication, including phone, text, screen sharing and video. The best part is showing our clients how to produce videos that CONVERT shoppers into buyers, increase dollars per RO and F&I dollars per car.The bottom line, we sell a lot of cars and trucks.

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2016