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Morry Patoka

President at CTC Consulting Creating the Conditions for Success

I’m a business management consultant who drives success through sales and marketing leadership, fiscal accountability and operational excellence within a culture of collaboration and innovation; always in comfortable shoes. I passionately work with organizations that want to create the conditions for success – financial success, success for staff and customers, and to share success in a meaningful way with the world. My journey began in marketing, evolving into technology, operations, business management, finance and executive leadership. I’ve honed my leadership skills in multiple roles, as an ad agency Creative Director, Chief Operating Officer of a tech company, President of a venture capital firm, Business Management Consultant and Interim Leader for organizations ranging from global brands to start-ups, and President of a digital marketing solutions provider with a specialty in automotive. In each role I’ve had the privilege of learning how to integrate innovative, creative thinking together with rational, numbers-driven decision making to structure solutions that deliver results. It’s helped me manage turnarounds, stabilize finances, improve operations, secure investment, build technology, develop new products and revenue streams, increase sales, establish brands, and grow as a confident, focused leader. In addition to enjoying the work that I do, primarily in the technology sector with deep experience in automotive, healthcare, marketing and retail, I get inspired by exploring insights, sharing ideas, writing and speaking about business related topics, such as Creating The Conditions For Success and How Digital Spun the Sales Funnel into a Loop. I invite you connect with me through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Morry's Comments

In Where’s the Money?:
You're right on point, Danny. Marketing serves sales. Reporting helps us measure success or figure out what we can do to better achieve sales targets.

Friday, November 13th, 2015