F&I – Episode 8 Kendel Bielby and Zoe Anthony

Sym-tech dealer services is a leading canadian finance and insurance provider to the retail automotive industry, delivering performance to dealer, dealer group and oem clients nationwide. sym-tech offers industry-proven training, dave® technology solution that includes an f&i menu, and a full suite of products.

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EPISODE 8: On-going Training and Development

Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of Business Managers and all associates working in the Dealership. In this episode, Kendel Bielby, Senior District Manager and Zoe Anthony, District Manager, share their expertise and experience on different training techniques that can improve performance, increase productivity and overall support the Dealership’s success.

Contact information:

Kendel Bielby, Senior District Manager kendel.bielby@sym-tech.ca

Zoe Anthony, District Manager zoe.anthony@sym-tech.ca