My sales and leadership experience in the Automotive Industry spans over 25 years with time spent in BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Process mapping, Training front lines, Keeping Auto departments on tasks for both Sales and Fixed, and optimizing Digital Marketing, Fixed Operations & key BDC & Sales staff for over 1500 Dealers.

I’ve implemented optimization programs for large automotive POS such as Costco Canada, Speedy Auto, Canadian Tire and OEM’s such as General Motors, Chrysler and Honda. I have had the privilege of leading high performing automotive supplier teams on both a Provincial and National level. My teams were always my tribe!

In February 2015 I co-founded DealerForward with my partner Niels Ksonzek

At that time, working in the fast changing Automotive Digital Marketing segment was an incredible experience. However, one thing became pretty darn clear…no one was really helping a Dealer’s personnel adapt their approach to non-showroom traffic. Our goal was to improve personnel’ communication skill set to match this new age of transparency , strategic digital connections and today’s customer savvy…

In January 2017 I co-founded Up InMotion Inc.
Our highly successful target specific training programs bring process implementation to a new level of simple, enabling Sales & Service Advisors to evolve seamlessly into the digital age of client management.

After 6 years..250 Dealers in Canada, 3000 Sales, Service & BDC professionals trained and coached..I look forward to moving your teams to the next level of performance