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I provide reliable and proven strategies to Automotive based business leader and improve their efforts with people, process, performance and profitability through highly focuses consulting, training, coaching and strategy. Client retention and employee retention are impacting businesses, and business leaders are turning to us for solutions with profitable and sustainable impact to stabilize, strengthen and succeed.

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About Foster Strategies

“Foster Strategies Group was created to offer unique, innovative and impactful solutions for today’s Automotive challenges. Through our belief that People are the key to unlocking your full Performance and Profitability targets, we are prepared to provide Dealerships, Vendors and OEMs both expense controls and unparalleled levels of profitability and success.”

We have a passion for improving your results and our goal is a powerful ROI for your time and any cost associated to our partnership. We listen first and craft strategies designed to make an impact to you and your teams. We proudly serve all in Automotive: Dealers, Vendors, Professional Services and OEMs with our premium, proven solutions.

With 22 years of continuous improvement and commitment in multiple sectors in Automotive, I built a company to offer dealers and vendors the absolute best in strategic consulting, coaching, strategy, implementation and training and education in automotive. We design programs to stabilize, strengthen and lead to greater success in your business.

Your success is our primary goal.

Our inspiring and impactful work takes leaders to new levels of performance.

We understand your business from the inside out. We know your people and we care about their success. We know your challenges and we can overcome them.

In building Foster Growth Strategies, one of the foundational missions is our unique approach called ‘Transforming Automotive Partnerships and Performance’. This initiative is described as ‘inspiring’ ‘innovative’ ‘revolutionary’ and ‘impactful’ to name a few of the comments we routinely hear.

By incorporating all aspects of Automotive Retail, our dealerships, our service providers and vendors plus our manufacturers, we can use this elevated perspective to decrease previous tensions between these groups and instead leverage our knowledge and create new and valuable strategies to strengthen our clients’ performance through our specialized approach.

We believe ‘rising tides raise all boats’ and we express this daily in our #BetterTogether tagline.

The challenges facing all of us in automotive are concerning. We must step away from legacy thinking using what’s best from before and what’s best from the landscape we are in today. And what’s facing us tomorrow.

We support individuals, teams and businesses. Successfully.

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