Storm Kiosks


Made in North America

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Storm Kiosks Inc. is proud to produce and manufacture all of our kiosks in Canada and USA. From local 3D modelling, engineering, through to shell manufacturing and power-coating, we can ensure a high quality product is delivered on-time.


Storm Kiosks Inc. is founded upon technology innovation and great customer service.  We believe in creating products that fill a geniune need and assist businesses in automating their processes, that coupled with a dedicated customer support team ensures our products and services maintain peak performance.


Revolutionizing Automotive Service

Our Express Service interactive kiosk is bringing the future of automotive service to your dealership today.  The full self-service kiosk will allow your customers to drop off their keys, collect and pay once service is complete.

The 24/7 Service Department

The Express Service kiosk is the first of it’s kind and it is reshaping the way consumers interact with service departments all over North America. Some dealerships even have 24/7 access to the kiosk, allowing customers to drop off and pick up at their convenience.