Sean Kelley has proven through one on one performance coaching with sales leaders, business greatly improves. This led him to become Chief Business Development Officer of DriveCentric CRM where he helped double their annual recurring revenue.

Now, he is utilizing his self-developed coaching framework, D.R.I.V.E.C3, to help automotive groups, tech companies, financial advisers, nonprofit organizations and many others obtain big results. Their success stories led to Sean being named as #10 in Ambition’s top 100 sales coaches, and earning Dealership News consultant of the year award in 2018. In Sean’s mission to bring coaching to the car business and provide everyone with affordable personal performance coaching, Sean founded “Coach Chat”. Which is a tech platform that delivers affordable personal coaching to 100’s of sales mane management professionals.

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Unique Approach
Sean doesn’t tell you what to do. He helps you discover what you want most in your career. Driven by new clarity and purpose, Sean will help you create winning strategies that will ignite each employees desire to achieve more and succeed in your organization. Utilizing his D.R.I.V.E.C3 coaching framework your company’s leaders become the catalyst that drives employee growth and development.

Sean’s Story
Sean’s passion for making a positive difference in the lives of his employees led him to become a skilled executive coach. This passion began when Sean was first able to impact the lives of fellow combat veterans while overseas. Next, as an industry leader in automotive, now as a business consultant and coach Sean has a new mission. He will improve and influence the careers of thousands by creating coaching cultures in organizations that still manage with obsolete militant blind obedience.

Sean’s Company
Working with professionals across America, Sean’s company Kelley Coaching & Consulting puts everything into your company’s success. Their consultative approach to discovering where you want to take your company is unique and impactful! Uncovering obstacles in the road, from the viewpoint of every layer in your organization that may hinder your success is paramount. Kelley Coaching & Consulting will determine who should be enlisted to join the mission. When professionals with experience in top companies in every industry worldwide join the effort, nothing prevents progression toward your vision for the company!

Sean succeeds when his clients succeed by building on “coaching wins” over time. These wins cascade into massive victory. Partnering with business leaders across many industries Sean has documented thousands of coaching wins. His clients grow from increasing employee motivation, sales, profit, career growth, lowering turnover, and bolstering many other key performance indicators.

Sean’s sales skills are unsurpassed in the automotive industry. As General Sales Manager of the top Hyundai Dealer in MO 2012-2016: market share increased, sales volume, profit, and online reputation each consecutive year, regardless of market conditions.

Enthusiasm and energy are part of Sean’s DNA. An inspiration session, workshop or speaking event with Sean will help you rediscover purpose, and activate your desire to achieve more. Sean’s ability to execute, care for his clients’ success, their action plans, and be their long term accountability partner is what drives his partners to succeed. Sean Kelley’s vision: To improve the leadership landscape of the entire auto industry by bringing coaching to the car business!